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Guests often tell us that they had no idea how close everything is in this part of the world.

They say, if they had known, they would have extended their stay at the Beach House, where rates are much lower than Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Boston and Newport, and day tripped from here, while still enjoying the ocean view and delicious breakfasts on the deck.

So, for your convenience, we have created sample itineraries for 7 days full of possibilities for exploring, dining and attractions. These are our particular favorites, and places we go again and again.

We hope you can experience all of the area's history, beauty, and fun. Why not take a look and choose what appeals to you most. or do it all, or as Carl Sagan put it, "Imagine all the possibilities."

Plymouth by Sea

America's Home Town

The Upper Cape


Newport, RI


Scenic Route 6A


If you'd like to experience the magic of private fine dining in America's Home Town, allow us to introduce you to Chef Phillippe Ducrot and Chez Ducrot . . .

Contact the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.


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